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Reasons to get an interlock driveway

Updated: Jan 23

A popular alternative for homeowners looking to create curb appeal in the neighbourhood is through installing an interlocking driveway as they are solid and long-lasting. Here are six strong arguments for why your next outdoor improvement project should include an interlocking driveway.

Curb Appeal of Your Pavement

Many homeowners choose interlocking driveways due to their sophisticated appearance. A home's front yard might feel luxurious with an interlock installed for a tenth of the expense of flagstone or genuine stone. And while asphalt has a cheaper material cost up front, the ongoing maintenance costs over the lifetime of the driveway can be high.

With interlock driveways, homeowners can create unique designs from various stones, colours, and styles. With the proper selection and installation of interlock, you can effortlessly accentuate your property's natural slate textures or vintage charm.

Every Toronto area Realtor will tell you that the additional curb appeal created through an interlocking driveway adds value when it comes time to sell your house.

Improved Functionality and Safety

Interlocking stone serves as a safe choice for cars and pedestrians since it provides superior traction and stability. The rough surface from interlocking stone reduces the possibility of slips and falls by providing traction, particularly in icy or damp weather. 

Furthermore, the interlock construction makes the driveway safer and more valuable by preventing the creation of big puddles or standing water. An interlock driveway can accommodate a variety of activities, including an impromptu driveway basketball game, and is an excellent option for multiple vehicles vehicles because of its durability.

Trouble-Free Installation and Performance

Compared to most other types of paving options, interlock lasts far longer. The interlock can last a lifetime if it is installed properly!

Easy Maintenance Interlock Driveways

As a homeowner, you already have a lot on your plate; driveway maintenance shouldn't take much time! It's simple to maintain an interlocked driveway.

Replacing broken pavers or stones in an interlocking driveway is simple, undetectable, and far less expensive when done individually than when using a single-level driveway option like pavement. The modular design of interlock pavers makes it very simple to access subsurface areas for repairs. All that needs to be done is remove the pieces rather than break up any concrete with a jackhammer.

Interlock, in contrast to concrete or pavement, is made to expand with movement and won't break.


Interlock's paver structures are naturally adaptable. Put another way, interlocking landscape pavement systems flex with surface changes during freeze-thaw cycles before settling back down. There is no way to modify the asphalt system. Concrete typically moves and fractures along with the shifting earth. The construction becomes flexible by the seams that run between the pavers, causing cracks in the joints rather than the pavers themselves.


Water cannot pool thanks to the environmentally friendly interlock but can drain through. Toxins are eliminated by natural biological processes, including living bacteria found in the gravel bed and between the stones, producing a better environmental runoff. Unlike an asphalt driveway, your driveway does not require hazardous seal coats.

The Bottom Line

Investing in an interlocking driveway increases the value of your home and can be easily maintained and last the life of your home. It’s versatile and can be designed to match any style to add curb appeal to your home.

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