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How do you plan for a backyard pool?

Updated: Jan 25

A swimming pool completely transforms your family's lifestyle by offering the ideal entertainment, relaxation, and backyard oasis. It's more than simply a place to cool off after a long hot summer day in Toronto. A pool, with well-thought-out features like a deck, some landscaping stone or fountains can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your yard. 

It's crucial to plan the design and building process of your new swimming pool properly to get the longest life and most value out of it. Budget, space, climate, soil quality, and yard slope are a few things to consider.

What to Consider When Building A Pool

You want your pool constructed safely, elegantly, and cost-effectively, all while staying on schedule and under budget. An experienced pool builder can help you realize your backyard vision by looking for doable and affordable solutions. Discussing your designs with them will help ensure you get the desired results. 

For instance, you should discuss the specifics of drainage, landscaping, yard design, pool size, ongoing pool upkeep, chosen building materials, and, if required, techniques for handling construction on sloping terrain. 

While some things, like the weather, are always out of your control, most of the pool planning process should be completed before construction begins. It might seem like a lot to consider, but organizing the pool will increase your chances of success and satisfaction. A pool expert like Strong Base Interlock and Construction should be able to address this.

How to Plan for A Backyard Pool?

It is crucial to scrutinize several variables to ensure your backyard pool project is a successful and fun addition to your house.

Define Your Purpose: 

Determine the goal of your pool first. Are you trying to find a place to hang out with the family, work out, or relax? Identifying your goals will drive the design and features of your pool.

Set a Budget: 

Decide on the budget you have for your backyard swimming pool. Think about continuing maintenance in addition to the initial construction costs. Throughout the planning phase, having a reasonable budget will enable you to make well-informed decisions.If financing is needed, some swimming pool companies can offer financing options.

Choose the Right Location: 

Determine the best spot for the pool by assessing your property. It is crucial to consider elements like sun exposure, accessibility, and closeness to existing structures. A company with experience working in the GTA will have an understanding of local bylaws and can help with necessary permits.

Select Pool Type and Design: 

Select the pool that best suits your requirements from the alternatives available: semi-inground, above-ground, and inground pools. Select a design that goes well with your house and yard as well. Think about the pool's depth, form, and surrounding landscaping.

Explore Pool Features: 

Add lighting, heating systems, waterfalls, and fountains to improve your swimming experience. Depending on your tastes and way of life, think of adding a slide or other landscaping around the pool that you may want to address to enhance your backyard design.

Hire a Professional Pool Contractor:

Choose a trustworthy pool builder with expertise in pool construction and design. Look up nearby contractors, check reviews, and get recommendations. A specialist will walk you through every procedure step and ensure the pool is long-lasting and complies with safety regulations. It’s always recommended that you book a consultation with your pool contractor before making any commitments.

Plan for Safety: 

Put safety first by adding alarms, fencing, and non-slip flooring. Ensure everyone is safe by adhering to local safety requirements, especially if children live in the home.

The Bottom Line

Having a well thought out plan and working with a reputable pool expert will help increase the value of your house and serve as a backyard retreat for years to come.

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