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Adding a Backyard Pool Cabana

Updated: Jan 25

Adding a cabana to your backyard pool installation adds interest, creates shade and helps define the space. Who doesn’t love lounging by the pool under a cabana?

What is a Cabana?

A cabana often also called a pergola, pool house or gazebo is a covered outdoor building frequently found near a swimming pool. A cabana can offer numerous advantages, such as protection from the intense sun, a location to change out of your bathers, or a spot to unwind and take in the scenery. A backyard cabana can double as an elegant and sophisticated gathering area or a guest house, depending on your budget and available space.

Benefits of a Cabana

A pool cabana, located right next to the pool, offers a place to relax, get some shade and refreshment before returning to the pool for fun. It’s also a great space for onlookers to be close to the pool and be part of the fun. Furthermore, a well-planned addition like this considerably raises your house's value. Realtors often advise building a cabana or pool house to increase the overall appeal and usability of your property. It's a wise investment that pays off, especially if you plan to sell it.

Creative Cabana Ideas

Here are some great ideas to create attractive pool cabanas.

Pool Cabana with Curtains

You can have a cabana with a covered back and roof at the pool. The front of the house is open to the pool, and on either side are long, white curtains that can be drawn or pulled closed according to the sun's intensity or the weather. If you're an introvert who enjoys reading aloud in silence, a pair of outdoor seats facing each other is a great place to talk.

Tropical Hut

Nothing is better than a backyard cabana with a tropical motif to bring some summertime flair. This particular cabana is strong enough to resist wind and rain, and its straw roof and cushions make it a comfortable spot to unwind while taking in the lovely weather!

English Garden-Inspired Cabana

An excellent example of a cabana with an English garden design is an open pool house, including pergolas on both sides and latticework. This style complements classic buildings that lean toward cottage or traditional pools and landscape. When your guests aren't relaxing by the pool, add seating for them to enjoy and enhance the garden-like appearance with climbing roses or wisteria.

Transform Your Cabana into a Living Room

Make it as comfortable as possible to get the most usage out of a gazebo or canopy, whether you're using it as a permanent construction or as a place to lounge. You can have all the luxuries of your living room by adding outdoor furniture like a coffee table, end table, and sofa, as well as finishing touches like an outdoor area rug and throw pillows. Tall curtains can also reduce glare by acting as a sun shade.

The Bottom Line

Pool cabanas are the ideal option to give your backyard pool more elegance and utility. We provide various options for choosing between a modern or rustic-style cabana. Not to mention the indispensable kitchen, which is the ideal spot to prepare meals after swimming.

At Strong Base Interlocking and Construction, we work with you to determine the best configuration to meet your needs and budget. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

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