Toronto’s Landscaping & Interlock Expert

In addition to interlocking installation, Strong Base offers a full range of landscaping services, including sodding, plantings, and more. We will help you plan, design, and build your dream garden.


The best way to grow new thick lush grass with little or not weeds is to lay new sod. Strong Base can help you turn barren or weed infested grounds to beautiful lawn in just few days. We’ll make make sure your new grass has the best start with a thick under layer of triple mix top soil.

Flowers, Shrubs, Trees & Plantings

Let Strong Base take the grunt work out of gardening. We can supply you with plantings and help you dig, fertilize, and plant flowers, shrubs, trees and any other plantings. We can help you design your dream garden or build it to your own design.

Lowest Prices in GTA

Strong Base has one of the best prices in Toronto, Vaughan and surrounding areas for shrubs, plantings and other landscaping services. Our professional landscaping staff knows all the ins and outs of the trade and the most efficient and proper way to plant a garden so we can pass the savings on to you. We also buy plantings in bulk for further savings.

Hassle Free Landscaping Services

We know designing and building a new garden or landscaping your house is difficult and hard work. Strong Base can help you build a new garden and add new landscaping for your home hassle free in just a few days. No digging, no hard manual labour and no mess. Contact us for a free estimate today.